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 Stage & Studio Fixtures
Listed below are the main fixtures and follow spots used in the business today. Most fixtures are available in black steel finish as well as black aluminum & polished aluminum. A special process called Vacuum metalizing, this is the nicest looking finish we have seen in years. Special paint finishes are also available on a special order basis. If you don't see what you are looking for below, please let us know and we will do our best to get you the information you need.
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575B 575 ParB This is the newest in Par technology. This fixture integrates the high output HMI 575 lamp and a cast aluminum fixture so as to produce a small but powerful stage instrument. A huge feature on this fixture is it's interchangeable beam spread lens system. The 575 B comes complete with 4 pc. high temperature glass len kit as well as gel frame to give the user many possible beam spread variations. This is a great fixture for any and all forms of performance and display use !!

Par 64 Fixture Par 64 The Par 64 fixture has long been the "classic" touring fixture. It's road use has made this a standard as far as conventional fixtures are concerned. Common lamps would be the 500 & 1000 watt Par bulbs, but the introduction of lightweight reflectors using the DYS or "ray light" have been quite popular. This fixture is available in a steel or aluminum / Polished or black finish and the introduction of vacuum metalizing to give your fixtures a "rich" and "spectacular" color combinations. A safe choice for any lighting application.
Par 56
Much the same as the Par 64, the Par 56 is a great touring fixture. With the introduction of the Q500 Par 56 lamp, this fixture has been a popular selection. The Par 56 300 watt lamp and fixture are quite possibly the most commonly used fixture for the small "dual stand" lighting show. This combination allows for the full use of 12 Par fixtures from two 15amp wall receptacles or supporting dimmer packs. All in all, a great choice for most light shows. Available in aluminum and steel. Uses Par 56 300 & Q500 lamps.
Par 46
This is a clever but not commonly used Par fixture. This can uses a great lamp, the Par 46/200 watt. Its only drawback is that it doesn't make splitting fixtures up on dimmer channels easy. With most dimmers being 600 watts per channel, you are left with an odd number or a none sequential looking light show. (This is assuming you want to load your dimmer channels right down). A small rugged fixture that's great for situations where output does not need to be maximized. Available in aluminum & steel. Uses Par 46 200 watt lamps.  
Par 38 Fixture Par 38 (Silver Vacuum Finish Shown)
This cost effective small stage fixture is most consumers entry level choice. Great for situations where a wash of light is needed. Mobile DJ's, Club installations and small touring systems. Also commonly used for display lighting. Steel only. Uses 150, 250 & 300 watt lamps.  

Par 38/3 Fixture Par 38/3 Also available in the four light Par 38/4 version this fixture is ideal for the small display or performance. Cost effective and versatile this show setups in minutes. Perfect for wash lighting stages. Mobile DJ's and club installations are common for these fixtures. Uses 150, 250 & 300 watt lamps.   

750S Fresnel 750S Fresnel 3.5Q Fixture Altman 3.5Q Baby Ellipsoidal A compact, lightweight ellipsoidal spot light which produces a high intensity sharp or soft edged beam. Four adjustable integral stainless steel framing shutters provide beam shaping ability, and the pattern slot and holder provide the ability to project visual images. While primarily designed for theater applications , the 3.5Q is also useful in displays, show windows, nightclubs & live performances of all types, where precision controlled accent lighting is needed. Max. 500 watts.  
360Q Fixture Altman 360Q Ellipsoidal The 360Q is designed for todays high intensity long life tungsten halogen lamps. Four beam shaping shutters provide framing ability, and the pattern slot and holder provide the ability to project visual images. Compact and lightweight, this fixture is a standard in the studio or theater, but make a great contribution to any performance where a focused, controlled beam of light is needed. Uses 500, FLK 575 & 750 watt lamps.  
4.5 Zoom Fixture Altman 4.5 Ellipsoidal The 4.5 baby zoom ellipsoidal fixture is a unique luminarie with professional qualities like no other 4.5" spot light. An adjustable lamp holder allows for peak performance when patterns are being used. Four adjustable framing shutters allow for beam shaping, and the pattern slot and holder allow the use of gobos for visual image projection. The variable focus feature makes this fixture ideal for the studio, stage or performance of any type. Uses 500, 575 FLK & 750 watt lamps.  
Source Four Fixture ETC Source Four Ellipsoidal A revolutionary new design of the ellipsoidal fixture starting with the lamp itself. This fixture uses the new HPL lamp, with compact filament and integral heat sink style base. This lamp boasts the same output as a 1000 watt FEL lamp, but only draws a mere 575 watts. The fixture itself is a slick, well built and cosmetically good looking unit, that is by far the nicest ellipsoidal on the market today.  
Club spot Lycian Super Club Spot

The Lycian SUPER CLUBSPOT is the only complete, economically priced follow spotlight available for small applications. As a Med. range followspot, it is ideal for clubs, schools, churches, or illuminating the dais. For those with a modest budget,  requiring a high performance halogen followspot, the CLUBSPOT offers excellence, economy, and easy operation.

Q1000 Follow Spot Fixture Altman Q1000 Followspot A ruggedly constructed medium throw followspot, the Q1000 can produce a narrow, hard, or soft edged beam. Easy to use controls mounted on the rear of the unit can be adjusted from spot to flood at any distance. The beam can further be adjusted by the iris for beam sizing, and by the framing shutters for beam shaping. Complete with stand, castes, and colour frames, this unit is a standard for the market today. This followspot operates at peak around 75 Ft. Uses the FEL 1000 lamp.  
Comet Follow Spot Fixture Altman Comet Followspot A strong Medium throw followspot, the Comet produces a narrow, hard, or soft edged beam that can be adjusted from flood to spot at any distance. The beam can be further adjusted by the framing shutters, or sized by the iris. Colour can be added by any one of the colour frames included. This unit zooms from 2.3 / 12.2 degrees and uses the 360 FLE/ENX lamp. Top mounted controls allow easy operation of all functions. This spot performs best at 75Ft. and draws very little current with the use of the 360 watt lamp. Complete with stand & casters.  
Pin Spot Fixture (Import)  553 Pinspot Par 36 Pinspot The Par 36 or "pinspot" is most commonly used for clubs and mobile "dance" situations. This fixture, in combination with the 4515 sealed beam lamp provides a narrow beam of light that is great for an atmospheric style effect. Also used on mirror balls for that classic dance hall look. This is a must for any installation or mobile DJ. (Standard finish is black, vacuum finish shown) 

ACL Bar Aircraft Landing Light Bar This 4 light Par 46 ACL Bar is great for that "punch" you need in a show. High output par 46 sealed beam lamps provide a narrow beam of intense light that can be aimed with precision to create spectacular atmospheric effects. LED lamp indicators on the unit make lamp maintenance a snap. This is great addition to any show.  

9 way blinder 4 way blinder Par 36 Blinder Bank Not unlike the ACL bar, thess blinder banks throw a tightly focused beam of intense light. The Par 36 lamps can be wired in many combinations to create lots of visual effects. A great addition to any show. 4/8/9 & 16 light models. 

MR 16 Rack MR 16 Racks MR16 Par lamps are a great decorative environmental lighting fixture. These bars are well suited for retailers, Night Clubs and DJ's as well as small stage performance. Each Par fixture is supplied with a "burnt lamp" indicator for easy maintenance and comes complete with Uground plug. Also sold in 10 fixture bar.

Cyc Light Fixture Cyc Light Stamped one piece reflector, anodized for max. light output. Complete with Gel Frame and screen. Stocked in one, two and three section units. Supplied with either floor or ceiling mount. Uses double ended 120V, 4 11/16" MCL. 500/750/1000 Watt lamp. CSA/NRTL Approved. A standard for studio or theatrical performances.

MR 16 Blinder Panel MR 16 Blinder Double bank unit (750 Watts = 10x 75W /12V lamps). Hinged power supply for easy wiring and hinged back for fast bulb change. panels are aimed or focused form top of unit. Gel Frame assembly avail. A great wash light are "punch" effect.

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