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  Lighting Controllers 
 LC 12-10 Console
LC 12-10 Console
The Light Design Systems LC 12-10 is a remarkable combination of versatility, features, and price in a twelve channel, ten scene control console. Two fader preset scenes allow individual level control for each of the twelve channels. Eight matrix scenes allow the operator to assign any or all of the individual channels to a single fader via a simple DIP switch. All ten scenes have their own sub-master fader. With this combination of scenes, the operator can group any channels that do not require individual level control, such as channels used for "washes", and set their overall level with one fader. "Specials", which do require individual level control, can be controlled by the fader presets. A normal/crossfade switch controls the direction the Scene B submaster must travel to reach full on. In the crossfade position, normal travel is reversed, allowing easy crossfading with scene A & B submaster faders. In addition to the fader controls, each channel and scene on the LC 12-10 has its own momentary. The manner in which the momentaries fuction is controlled by the "Flash/Solo" selector switch. In the "flash" mode, the momentary overrides the preset level, and bumps the channel or scene to full on. In the "solo" mode, the momentary will bump the channel or scene to full on, and at the same time reduce all other outputs of the desk to zero. The LC 12-10 incorporates an eight channel chaser for the matrix scenes. The matrix chaser allows the operator to select from three different matrix preset combinations and three chase modes. Also included is an audio input to allow the chase to be run by the "bass beat", and an input for a single step footswitch. The entire chase function can be monitored by the chase preview LEDs. With the level control fader set at zero, the speed, mode, and scenes can be selected without affecting the lights on stage. The LC 12-10 is self powered and also features a grand master fader and a dead blackout (DBO) switch with a LED indicator. Designed for use with the LDS DR-12000 Rack Mount Dimmer or the LDS DS-3000II Dimmer Packs, the LC 12-10 will control any dimmer with a 0 to +10v control voltage. All these features, combined with a very reasonable price, make the LC 12-10 a truly outstanding light controller for any application.

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