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Fog / Haze / Bubble Machines
 The following is a list and description of our most popular machines. This is a large page and may take time to load.
If you need more information on any machine or product line please contact LDS.

B-100 Bubble  Machine Antari B-100 Bubble Machine

This obligatory party gizmo is equipped with the "Double Bubble Wheel" designed to produce a steady, copious stream of bubbles. The frontal spout directs a high output of bubbles up into the air while simultaneously eliminating dripping and recycling bubble liquid. The durable motor is set in the same heavy-duty casing as our other machines, and is capable of continuous operation. Simple operation, easy refilling and the included hanging bracket make the B-100 very user-friendly.  The machine comes in two flavours: The simple B-100 which operates the straightforward on/off remote control; The B-100X has a PC board under the hood that allows it to operate via wireless remotes, timer remotes and can be controlled by DMX.  To use with DMX, the B-100X must be connected to the DMX-1F DMX adaptor.  Using DMX, the machine can be centrally controlled in concert with your lighting effects.   This fun machine is sure to turn any celebration into a bona fide gala event.

Power Consumption¡G25W
Tank Capacity¡G1 Liter
Optional Remotes (for B-100X only)¡GBCR-1(Wireless), BCT-1(Timer)
Dimensions (mm)¡GL 341 W 170 H172

Antari F-80Z Mini fogger Antari F-80Z Alpha Fogger

Antari introduced the F-80Z at the beginning of 2000.  Designed to take over from the F-80, the F-80Z boasts a sleek new design and is available at an even cheaper price than the already economical F-80.  Antari expects the F-80Z quickly to become the world's number one selling fog machine.
It is designed to be the perfect companion for the Mobile DJ, house parties, and Halloween fun. Options available include the FC-5 Wireless Remote Control and the FC-4 Timer Control.


Power: AC 120V/60Hz, 230V/50Hz
Heater: 700 W
Fuse: 125V / 7A, 250V / 3.15A
Warm-up Time: 4 minutes
Output: 2,500 cuft. / min.
Tank Capacity: 0.8 liters
Dimensions: 330 x 160 x 130 mm
Weight: 4.0 kg
Yoke Included
FWC-80Z Remote Control Included
Options: EXT-2, FT-10, FTA-1

Antari Z-800 Antari Z-800 Pro Fog Generator

• 750 Watt Heater

• ECO advanced thermal control system

• Unicore technology

• Z-1 remote control included


Options: Z-4 timer remote, Z-5 wireless remote, DMX-3F DMX converter SPECIFICATIONS
Power: AC 100V/ AC 120V/ AC 230V/ AC 240V,50Hz-60Hz
Fuse: 125V/7A, 250V/3.15A
Warm-up time: 4 minutes
Output: 4,000 cuft. / min.
Tank capacity: 1.0 liters

F-80 Fogger Antari Z-1000 Pro Fog Generator • 1000 Watt Heater

• ECO advanced thermal control system

• Unicore technology

• Z-4 remote control included

Options: Z-4 timer remote, Z-5 wireless remote, DMX-3F DMX converterSPECIFICATIONS
Power: AC100V/ AC120V/ AC230V/ AC240V,50Hz-60Hz
Fuse: 120V/10A, 230V/5A
Warm-up time: 4 minutes 30 sec
Output: 10,000 cuft. / min.
Tank capacity: 1.7 liters

Antari Z-1200 Antari Z-1200 Pro Fog Generator • 1250 Watt Heater

• ECO advanced thermal control system

• Unicore technology

• On board DMX.

• Z-8 timer remote control included

Options: Z-9 wireless remote                                                                      
Power: AC100V/ AC120V/ AC230V/ AC240V,50Hz-60Hz
Fuse: 120V/13(Breaker), 230V/7(Breaker)
Warm-up time: 10 minutes
Output: 18,000 cuft. / min.

Tank capacity: 2.5 liters
Antari Z-1500 Antari Z-1500 Pro Fog Generator

• 1500 Watt Heater

• ECO II advanced thermal control system with remote temperature control

• Unicore technology

• DMX onboard with DMX channel display

• Z-2 multi-function LCD remote control included

Remote lncluded: Z-2(LCD)
Power: AC100V/ AC120V/ AC230V/ AC240V,50Hz-60Hz
Fuse: 120V/15(Breaker), 230V/ 7(Breaker)
Warm-up time: 11 minutes
Output: 20,000 cuft. / min.
Tank capacity: 6 liters

Antari Z-300 Fazer Antari Z-300 Fazer  Fogger/Hazer • 700 Watt Heater.

• The reliability of a fog machine with the silent operation of a hazer.

• Constant output.

• Uses standard fog liquid.

• Steady haze, no bursts of fog.

• Variable volume.

• Multi-function timer remote controller included.

• No air compressor required.

• Adjustable levels to suit any room.

• ECO advanced thermal control system

• Z-6 remote control included


Options: None  wireless remote, EXT-5 extension cable,
Power: AC100V/ AC120V/ AC230V/ AC240V,50Hz-60Hz
Fuse: 120V/7A, 230V/3.15A
Warm-up time: 4 minutes
Output: 2,000 cuft. / min.
Tank capacity: 1.3 liters

Antari HZ-400 Hazer Antari HZ-400 Pro Hazer
The HZ-400 is Antari's professional hazer, it is capable of producing very large quantities of haze quickly and quietly.  The specially designed air compressor is vibration free and operates virtually silently.  In addition, with the built-in on board DMX, operators are able to easily control the unit completely and without difficulty.  The HZ-400 will provide very large amounts of fine, translucent haze in any environment.  This unit uses mineral oil-based haze liquid.

Power: AC 120V/60Hz, 230V/50Hz
Tank capacity: 2.5 liters
Output: 2,500 cuft. / min.
Dimensions: 500 x 320 x 250 mm
Weight: 18.5 kg
Remote included HC-1 (timer remote)
Optional remote HCR-1 (wireless remote)
Options: EXT-1 (10m remote control extension cable)

Antari Ice Machine Antari Ice Machine

This revolutionary machine is the first of its kind. it produces the ever popular, low lying "heavy" smoke of a dry ice machine, without the inconvenience of dry ice or the potential health hazards caused by dry ice's heavily CO2 laden smoke. Place up to 10 kg of ice into the ice chamber to cool the smoke produced by the 1000W smoke machine contained in this unit. Then watch the floor disappear in ankle deep smoke. Never before has one machine offered this unique, affordable function. 10 kg of ice placed in the ice chamber can last up to 12 hours or 80 minutes with constant use. Full DMX on board means 100% control along with an output for separate units, and the timer remote puts that control in the palm of your hands. Drainage pump can be activated manually or set to automatic for optimum convenience. Try it out for yourself and you'll never go back.


Heater: 1000 W
Output¡G10,000 cu.ft/min
Heat up time: 4.5min
Tank Capacity¡G2.5 Liter

Remote Included¡GZ-8
Weight¡G24.4 Kgns (mm)¡GL 617.5 W 355 H 359.4
Liquid used : Antari FLR Liquid only

Antari HZ-100 Hazer HAZER HZ-100

Antari HZ-120 Hazer SPLIT HAZER HZ-120

Snow Machine Snow Picture Antari S-100II Snow Machine

Like the original S-100 snow machine, the S-100 II is a powerful, high-pressure, large-output machine that produces abundant amounts of "snow".  Owing to the built-in blower, the effect can be spread over considerable distances. The hanging bracket allows the snow machine to be placed over a crowd or above a set to simulate falling snow. The durable motor is cradled on rubber cushions within the case allowing for high output and low vibration. The SC-1 remote control gives 100% control over both area coverage and volume of snow produced. The S-100 II has DMX on board and can be controlled using 2 channels via any standard DMX controller, This light, portable machine is perfect for club effects, movie sets and stage settings so let it snow, let it snow, let it snow.

Tank Capacity¡G5 Liter
Remote Included¡GSC-2 (volume control)
Dimensions (mm)¡GL 505 W 276 H 222

Hanging Bracket Included

Foam Machine Foam Machine Antari S-120 Foam Machine

S-1 20 foam machine makes a huge output of foam, suitable for stages, movies, theatres and exhibitions. Foam output is regulatable. A great effect for any situation.

This liquid is a kind of anionic surfactant liquid specially designed for the Snow Machine and Foam Machine.  It is water-based liquid that is safe, nontoxic and I 00% biodegradable when applying on vegetation.
This special liquid is designed for S-100 Snow machine only.  This is a unique formula so that  the snow flakes dissipate quickly without any residues at all.

Z1 Remote Antari Z1 Remote Control


Cable Length: 8 m
Connector: 5 pin din
Function: on/off
Compatible With: Z-800,Z-1000

Z2 Remote Antari Z2 Remote Control


Cable Length: 10 m
Connector: 5 pin XLR
Function: timer with interval, duration and volume; set DMX address; continuous fogging; manual on/off.(all above functions are displayed on a LCD screen and can be set precisely to the second or percentage)
Compatible With: Z-1500,Z-3000

Z4 Remote Antari Z4 Remote Control


Cable Length: 8 m
Connector: 5 pin din
Function: timer with interval and duration; manual on/off
Compatible With: Z-800, Z-1000

Z5 Remote Antari Z5 Remote Control


Cable Length: Wireless, up to 50m
Connector: 5 pin din
Function: Wireless on/off
Compatible With: Z-800, Z-1000

Z6 Remote Antari Z6 Remote Control

Cable Length: 8 m
Connector: 5 pin din
Functions: timer with volume and duration; Continuous hazing; manual on/off
Compatible With: Z-300

Z8 Remote Antari Z8 Remote Control


Cable Length: 10 m
Connector: 4 pin XLR
Functions: timer with interal, duration and volume; continuous fogging; manual on/off
Compatible With: Z-1200

Antari Z9 Remote Control


Cable Lengt: Wireless, up to 50m
Connector: 4 pin XLR
Function: Wireless on/off
Compatible With: Z-1200

HC1 Remote Antari HC-1 Remote Control


Cable Length: 10m
Connector: 1/4 Stereo
Function: Timer With Interval and Duration' Manual on/off
Compatible With: HZ-100 . HZ-120 . HZ-200B . HZ-400

HCR-1 Remote Antari HCR-1 Remote Control


Cable Length: Wireless, Up to 50m  (1)
Connector: 1/4 Stereo
Function: Wireless on/off
Compatible With: HZ-100 . HZ-120 . HZ-200B

SC-1 Remote Antari SC-1 Remote Control


Cable Length: 10m
Connector: 3Pin XLR
Function:  on/off and Volume
Compatible With: S-100 . S-120

Peasouper LeMaitre Peasouper (Dry Ice Machine) DOWNLOAD CUT SHEET PAGE 1 

LeMaite G300 LeMaitre G300 Fogger / Hazer
Neutron Hazer Le Maitre Neutron Pro Hazer
Capture Beams of light with a translucent haze. The Neutron Pro Hazer, re-writes the book on haze technology. LeMaitre's patented Sequentially Tracked Auto Re-issue technology generates an enviroment of translucent haze without the use of a compressor or heating block, providing a virtually silent operation with instant effect.  The haze is generated without the use of oil, eliminating any residue associated with cracked oil effects.  Silent operation combined with continuous output, optional DMX and remote control places the Neutron Pro in a class of it's own.


Width: 9"   28.5cm
Length: 11.25"  67cm
Height: 9.75"  33cm
Weight: 21 Lbs.   9.4kg.
Shipping weight: 23.7 Lbs.  11kg.
Power Requirements: 3.15 amps  115 Volt  60hz. ( Also avaliable in 220 Volt 50/60 hz.)

LSX Machine Le Maitre LSX Low Smoke Converter
The LSX Low Smoke Converter is an electric powered cooling unit that chills incoming fog from its companion fog machine. The result is a low lying blanket of fog similar to that of dry-ice machines, without the inconvenience of handling dry-ice.  The LSX is a clear advancement in low-lying fog technology, incorporating proven high performance refrigeration components into a compact, rugged package specifically designed to cool volumes of in coming fog effectively and efficiently. With 12000 BTU's of chilling available and a high performance "New Generation" refrigerant the LSX has never been so effective. In a package just over 2 cubic feet and rugged square tubular steel frame the LSX will provide consistent performance. The easy to use controls and digital display make the LSX simple to operate.  Controllable cloud density, depth and area coverage using the variable speed fan, make the LSX the preferred fog chiller for small to medium size venues.

Width: 23.5"  60cm
Length: 23.5"  60cm
Height: 28"  71cm
Weight: 150 Lbs.   68kg.
Shipping weight: 180 Lbs.  71kg.
Power Requirements: 12 amps  115 Volt  60hz. ( Also avaliable in 220 Volt 50/60 hz.)

Bubble Master Le Maitre Bubble Master 2000

The Bubble Master 2000 is simply the best bubble machine on the market. No other machine provides the continuous high volume of bubbles the Bubble Master produces. With a projection distance of over 20' this unit is the untimate bubble machine. Quite, economical and rugged, the Bubble Master will provide a new dimension to any event. This is a must for any pro effects shop or DJ. The highligh of any event !!
Width: 16.25"  41.5cm
Length: 23.5"  60cm
Height: 11"  28cm
Weight: 19.5 Lbs.   9kg.
Shipping weight: 32 Lbs.  14.5kg.3
Power Requirements: 1 amp  115 Volt  60hz. ( Also avaliable in 220 Volt 50/60 hz.)

G100 Fogger Le Maitre G100 Pro Fog Machine

The G100 is the first in the Range of "Genesis" Fog machines. Designed as a powerful entry level Pro Fogger the G100 offers performance and features unparalled by any other fog machine in it's price range. A solid choice for the professional that needs "Big Smoke".
Width: 9.75"  24cm
Length: 19.25"  49cm
Height: 6.75"  17cm
Weight: 18 Lbs.   8.2kg.
Shipping weight: 25 Lbs.  11.5kg.
Power Requirements: 10 amps  115 Volt  60hz. ( Also avaliable in 220 Volt 50/60 hz.)
G150 Fogger Le Maitre G150 Pro Fog Machine
Continuous fog output  and micro processor controlled, the G150 is the answer to all your fog needs. This machine is the a  Pro line fogger  complete with intergrated 4" ducting adaptor and 3 pin XLR remote featuring duration, time and variflow. All your  problems with fog will be solved with this single machne. A great unit !!

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