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Fiber Optics
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Unlike neon, which is made of glass tubing segments, Fiber optic light can be used to create visually uniform runs of decorative light that will not break or shatter.
Installation is faster and less expensive than for neon; there is no need to wait for glass tubes to be specially made, it requires fewer electrical components, and it's easy to install. Because the light is transmitted from an illuminator, there is no need to install multiple transformers, as is typically done for neon installations. Fiber is avaliable in many sizes from  3/16" to 9/16". Versitile mounting hardware and accessories make for simple installation and seemless intergration to any enviroment.
Typical applications include cove lighting, walkway lighting, and entertainment illumination. Side lit fiber optic cable is exceptionally versatile for artistic displays and architectural designs.
The more creative you get the better the display.
  Walls Theatre lighting Cove lighting Flor lighting Shower Balcony
Fiber 2 Car fibers tunnel side lit Fiber


With Side Lit Fiber Optics products you can achieve beautiful effects. Fiber Optic Pool lighting has the added advantage of rich color changing and the fiber is entirely safe, as no electricity enters the pool enclosure and all you see is light. This effect is simly a must for any landscape project that needs to "shine". Don't stop at the pool, run lenghts of fiber up railings and stairs. Mix side lit with end lit to create stunning arrays of colored zones in the garden and fountains. The possibilities are endless. The best part ? only the lamp in the illuminator need to be maintained. The fiber needs not to be touched after installation. Its simply the best product for the job ! And it looks great.

End lit
End Lit Fiber

End Beam, or End Lit, Fiber, simple in its basic structure, meets a wide range of applications.  It is a creative concept  for interior or exterior signage and P.O.P. displays, scale models, floral displays, hobbyists and underwater spectacles in aquariums.

The optical fiber is of the total reflection type which has a concentric double structure consisting of a core of transparent polymethylmethcrylate (PMMA) of a high refractive index, covered with a thin layer of special transparent cladding material of a low refractive index. The light entering from one end is transmitted, repeating the total reflection at the interface of the two components, and then discharged from the other end.

The fiber's properties and features of resiliency, transmission of colored light and no short circuits or sparks provides many opportunities for new concepts and will help designers to fully utilize their creativity.

A very common but amazing effect is Fiber curtains. This is one of the most impressive displays you will see with fiber optics. Covering huge areas with various sized pin points of light that slowly  change and swell from one color to the next. Ceiling panels and wall displays are also created in the same fashion. Any effect can be created with multiple zones and illuminators to bring to life a visual matched by no other lighting effect.



Create a dazzling star field effects in ceilings with luminous optical fibers. Fields can change color and provide a shimmering effect.
It is a lighting system, low in energy consumption and labor saving, as maintenance is reduced to changing our one lamp within the light source. End lit optical fiber is a total reflection type, with the core being high-purity PMMA acrylic, it has outstanding light transmission qualities and uniformity. The standard ceilingsystem is comprised of 2X2 black plastic panels, or 2X2 acoustical tiles, both made of self extinguishing materials. They are suspended from a standard T-Bar grid.  A standard panel has 3 or 6 points of fiber per square foot.  A variety of colors, through the use of a color wheel can be obtained. The light source is a 75W MR16 lamp. Custom ceilings are also available, when twinkling stars, shooting stars, or constellations are to be created.
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