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  Lighting Controllers 

 DR-12000 Rack Mount Dimmer
DR12000 Dimmer
The LDS DR-12000 is a twelve channel, 1200 watt per channel dimmer pack, designed to provide quality, compact dimming at a reasonable price. The DR-12000 is fan cooled and uses a 25 amp rated triac on each channel to provide plenty of "head-room". Each channel also has two U-Ground outlets, toroidal filtering, and is protected by a 10 amp breaker. The control section of the dimmer is protected by two 0.25 amp breakers and features a thermal protect indicator, full override/test switches for each channel, and a preheat level control for each group of six channels. Control input is a via a front-mounted fourteen pin military style Amphenol connector, or via a rear-mounted Cinch-Jones connector. This combination of input connectors allows easy "daisy-chaining" of almost any number of DR-12000s. The DR-12000 combines all these features in a standard nineteen inch rack mountable package only seven inches high, with a very attractive dollar per watt ratio. Designed to be used with the Light Design Systems LC 12-10 or LC 24-14 Control Desks, the DR-12000 dimmer pack can be controlled by almost any control desk using a 0 to +10v control voltage.
Also available is the DR-12000H, designed for applications where hardwiring the outputs is more practical. Having the same technical specifications as the DR-12000, the DR-12000H dimmer pack replaces the front-mounted U-Ground outputs with a rear-mounted terminal strip. The Amphenol input connector has been eliminated and control input is via the rear-mounted Cinch-Jones connector.
The DR-12000H is ideal for use in permanent installations where hardwire dimmers are preferred. It can also be used in larger touring systems where custom output connectors and patch system are utilized.

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